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Compact Ultrasonic Skin Peeler

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Bring your facial home with deep-cleansing and lifting – this time from a device that mimics the massage techniques and exfoliation properties of a deep-cleansing and toning professional facial.

Lift, tone and cleanse your face and neck all at the same time with Cosaint’s new Cleanse-Lift Device.

This incredible device has two modes – the cleansing mode where ultrasonic vibrations work to push out dirt and oil, clearing away dead skin cells and other debris that can clog pores and create spots. The device contains a solid silver spatula that pushes out clogged pores around the nose area.

Select ‘Clean mode’

1.Cleanse face and prep spatula by cleaning with hot soapy water. Wet face before use or use a peeling solution.

  1. Turn on the device to CLEAN mode.
  2. Hold the device with thumb placed on on/off/mode, have spatula facing diagonally. Gently glide spatula tip across the skin to exfoliate.
  3. The device will automatically turn off after 5 minutes.


  1. Cleanse face and prep spatula by cleaning with hot soapy water.
  2. Apply moisturizer or serum to your skin.
  3. Turn on the device and press on/off/mode until LIFT icon lights up. You will hear a pulsing sound.
  4. Hold the device with thumb placed on on/off/mode, have spatula facing down and flat to the skin (the device will appear backwards when looking at it). Gently move device in an upwards direction all over the face.
  5. Wipe the spatula and place protective lid back on the device.


Rinse the Spatula blade with water and wipe it with a dry soft cloth after use.

Do not immerse the device in water.

[Tips] The Peeler will work for 5 minutes, during which the mode is available to switch for another 5 minutes, but after which the device will automatically turn off.

Safety Precautions


– Heart conditions.

– Metal implants.

– Sunburn, broken skin.

– Pregnancy / Breast feeding please consult with your doctor.

– Do not use device in the same area for a long time.

C-1011 Compact Ultra Sonic Skin Peeler is a compact ultrasonic skin scrubber utilizes ultrasonic vibrations and positive ion technology to make the atomized water penetrates deep into the skin for effective exfoliating and dirt removal from the pores.

Combined with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology this device will leave your skin feeling plumped, smooth and hydrated.

All our devices are EU certified in Germany for electrical devices to be sold legally in the EU

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