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About Cosaint Skin Devices

Imagine having a facial - Every Day!

For lovers of beauty treatments and beauty tech, Cosaint devices cleanse, tone and clarify the skin. But they do much more than that, they lengthen the effects of facials, microneedling, CACI and other common beauty clinic / salon treatments.

Very often we only think about the topical products we use, creams, serums, etc. But cleansing and toning the skin thoroughly and effectively every day makes the biggest difference to our skin.

That’s why the toning and cleansing properties of a facial make you feel amazing afterwards and your skin looks glowing and radiant. The mechanical action of the cleanse and physical toning of the skin is what gives this effect. And now, you can recreate this every day with Cosaint!

Made with long lasting medical grade materials, the Cosaint family of devices will make an impressive addition to your arsenal of beauty products and look beautiful in any bathroom setting.

Honed from over thirty years’ experience of treating myriad skin issues from rosacea to premature ageing, Cosaint Skin Devices are the amalgamation of knowledge on how best to cleanse and tone skin.

Devised with post facial treatments in mind – Cosaint is all about keeping results up and helping your skin be its very best – every day.

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